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Posted by Masked on 4:07 PM

A great application for registry related problems.

Here's a brief list of the details from the vendor's website:

jv16 PowerTools is the ultimate Windows optimization and tuneup utility suite. The bottom line is that it keeps your computer running smooth and fast and greatly improves its overall stability.

Key features

* Clean Windows registry
* Uninstall software
* Optimize Windows
* Improve your privacy
* Recover deleted files
* Safe to use - automatic backup feature
* Multilingual user interface

Years ago, Macecraft created/sold a kickbutt registry app called Registry supreme pro.
Then they created an entire "suite" of utilities called JVpowertools, which included their registry tool.

I have tested and tried a ton of registry utilities, and this is the one I use for repair and cleanup of my worst registry problems. Especially for the hardcore registry remnants of an un-installed software application
In addition to registry issues, it also contains utilities for wiping, cleanup and system optimization.

The best part of this program, in my own experience, is for removing those stubborn remnant bits-and-pieces of an application's installation components, left on your PC even after an UNinstall. You can search for and find every remaining instance of an application's term [example: Symantec] and delete all at once [from a single screen].
No more "Find, Delete, find-again, etc.

The registry finder lets you search for a specific word, then lists every occurrence
it locates within the registry. To remove any/all instance of a leftover application, just place a tick mark next to the result within the finder results.
[With MS window's regedit, you have to do a "Find", then "delete", then F3 for next occurence, then "delete", then F3, and so on...........very slow, very painful.......]

NOTE:if you need more than 1 license, (for personal/home use) macecraft has a decent deal of 5 licenses for $29.99




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